Melling's Hellcat has surfaced

Melling Hellcat
Melling Hellcat
Engine guru Al Melling's new car, the Hellcat, has surfaced -- and it could be a Veyron-beater.

The two-seater was unveiled this week, powered by Melling's stunningly powerful; four-turbo, 6-litre V10 producing 1,200bhp at 7,200rpm and a mind-bending 880lb-ft of torque. All that power is shifted through the rear wheels via a transaxle setup. The engine itself is milled from solid aluminium billets, and was originally slated to produce only 700bhp -- but that's not an unusual amount of power in today's power-crazy automotive world so Melling upped the ante.

Underneath is a steel spaceframe, independent suspension clothed in a carbon-fibre and aluminium body. With no creature comforts to speak of, the whole could weigh less than 1,200Kg according to the story in Autocar, and Melling reckons it'll rocket to 225mph -- or probably more. Whether your fillings would travel with you is another story, as the car is said to reach 60mph from rest in 2.6 seconds...

Expect it to cost under £200,000 and the first of the 20 cars Melling will build to be united with their new owners later this year.

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  • bunglist 30 Jan 2007

    Well, if it does what they reckon it can do, excellent.

    Wouldn't mind having a go in one of these.

  • bennno 30 Jan 2007

    shame it looks like a heap in the pics


  • lordbenny 30 Jan 2007

    Not excactly the most beautiful car ever made. Especially at 200k!!! eek

  • sprinter885 30 Jan 2007

    "225 mph-or more" !!
    For gawds sake keep the Hamster away from it !!

  • nobleguy 30 Jan 2007

    sprinter885 said:
    "225 mph-or more" !!
    For gawds sake keep the Hamster away from it !!

    So it's not a Veyron beater then.

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