Mercedes-AMG Project ONE: Time for Tea?

Normally we'd be reluctant to point you at a manufacturer video which simply proclaims said manufacturer's brilliance - but as with much else about the Project ONE, it's not exactly business as normal.

Mercedes-AMG's latest film delves into a little more detail about the remarkable engine, with no lesser figure than Tobias Moers, explaining that for all the tweaks required for legal, turnkey status, the 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 is still built in the same machine shop as the F1 unit, with the same crankcase and cylinder head, and will still rev to an astonishing 11,000rpm.

No less pleasing is the reminder that the V6 is very much homegrown; it being a product of Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains, which is still based in Northamptonshire. Thus we get Simon Wilding, head of the automotive division at HPP, to talk us through the extensive hybrid system and the opportunities it now affords in a road car.

Finally there's the challenges of designing something to fit around this 1,000hp petrol/electric powerplant. Something which still needs to incorporate some of the creature comforts expected of a street-legal hypercar costing €2.27m - even if its real function is becoming a 'rollercoaster ride you control', as Lewis would say.


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Comments (17) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Mikeeb 20 Dec 2017

    So much better looking than the AM Valkrye!

  • corozin 20 Dec 2017

    Koenigsegg phoned up and asked for thier design back.

    I have no idea why the companies are bothering to build these things. They are going to be unusable on the road, and because of thier value are all essentially destined to spend thier lives nurtured inside warm garages rather than being driven, for fear of hurting residual values.

  • dandare 20 Dec 2017

    I think it's beautiful. Nothing like a Königsegg really.

    A good-looking Mercedes is a pleasant surprise. smile

    As stated above, it's a pity there won't be many of them about.

  • Gameface 20 Dec 2017

    Bland design.

    Konigsegg's (seeing as they've already been mentioned) are much better looking, as are others.

  • Max_Torque 20 Dec 2017

    corozin said:
    I have no idea why the companies are bothering to build these things.
    Because, in effect, they have realised that since about 2005 and onward, Motorsport has become irrelevant for selling road cars!

    If the Merc F1 team has enough time to make a road car, that tells you something..........

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