Mercedes CLS Grand Edition Unveiled

CLS Grand Edition with 272hp diesel
CLS Grand Edition with 272hp diesel
Merc says it’s giving away four-and-a-half grand's worth of extras for two-and-a-half grand of extra cash when you buy the new Grand Edition version of its CLS.

The CLS Grand Edition is based on the 350 CDI V6 diesel, which has been subject to a 48hp upgrade taking output to a useful 272hp. With nearly 40lb ft of extra torque on tap to boot, this latest diesel model shaves half a second off the old 350 CDI’s 0-62mph time, dropping it to 6.5secs. Fuel consumption is uncompromised, at least on the combined cycle, where Merc still claims a combined figure of 37.2mpg.

0-62mph in 6.5secs and 37.2mpg claimed
0-62mph in 6.5secs and 37.2mpg claimed
Just 560 copies of the CLS Grand Edition are destined for UK dealer showrooms, where they’ll stand out with 18ins Titanium Grey AMG alloys, and front grille louvres and headlamps in a silver matt finish. There are five colours available, including the same Palladium Silver finish pictured here, and the Grand Edition also benefits from the Bi-Xenon headlamp package, including Merc’s ‘cornering’ and ‘active’ light functions said to improve road illumination in corners by up to 90 percent, enabling the driver to see up to 25m further along an extended bend with a radius of 190m... which may be useful pub-talk fodder, if nothing else!

If you want one, the total cost is £48,445 on the road.

18ins alloys...
18ins alloys...
...and colour-coding
...and colour-coding


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  • ArranAshman 19 Jun 2009

    Great car, shame they are not going to make it anymore...

  • GTEYE 19 Jun 2009

    Nice car - CLS will still look a better car than the forthcoming 4 door A5 (albeit at a slightly higher price point)

  • oilit 19 Jun 2009

    its a shame they didnt get rid of that hideous plank of plastic wood that sprawls across the dashboard as well - then i might have considered buying one

    Merc really have lost the plot on dashboards - the new C class looks like a vectra dashboard imho !

  • pSyCoSiS 19 Jun 2009

    Used to like these alot, just think they are a common sight our roads these days.

    They are different though, and have good presence.

    And £48k is quite a high price for one..

  • LukeBird 19 Jun 2009

    Still a very nice looking car IMO! thumbup

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