Miura edges towards production

Lamborghini Miura concept at Goodwood
Lamborghini Miura concept at Goodwood
Is Lamborghini committed to building the Miura concept?

Officially it hasn't said so, although heavy hints have suggested it will. And now, according to one story by a reliable source, comes more information suggesting the company will turn the Miura concept car into a limited edition range-topper as its answer to the Ferrari Enzo.

It'll be based on parent company Audi's Le Mans coupé, so it'll be mid-engined but lower, shorter and wider. Propelling it will be an uprated version of Lamborghini's 6.2-litre V12 bored out to 6.5-litres. Power will rise to 700bhp and torque to 553lb-ft, driving through all four wheels.

It might appear early in 2007 and the price is likely to be £200,000-plus. Only some 300-400 units will be made.

Can't wait...


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  • Mr Whippy 13 Jul 2006

    Really nice.

    But why does it have to be 4wd?


  • GTRene 13 Jul 2006

    can't wait...? count me in too when its gona look like the car/pictures they showed its a realy beautifull car to own or if you can't look and wonder...
    With 700 horses it will be fast too...but then it has to be keeping the name up high!
    The lambo Miura is one of the first ever Supercars...so it better be good and I think they know that at audi...and it better be not to heavy!

  • dean_ratpac 13 Jul 2006

    I do hope they put this into production. I agree with you on why does it have to be 4wd mr whippy

    Edited by dean_ratpac on Thursday 13th July 10:24

  • HUGE 13 Jul 2006

    I really like it...didnt like the VW Beetle,and thought the Mini was "ok"...but personally I think that particular retro interpretation works....although Im sure many will hate it as cynical marketing

    Edited by HUGE on Thursday 13th July 10:16

  • Bada Bing! 13 Jul 2006

    I don't really agree with this move. Making it a limited run special edition would make sense for the retro-loving collectors. But to make it their flagship car? It's not even that pretty!

    Sure, it worked for Ford because they have made precious little else since the GT40 that was fast or handsome, and have revived it as a result. But Lambo have been making beautiful cars for decades, so why go back to an old car for their inspiration - especially when they have come up with a couple of asolute crackers for their most recent models?

    Edited by Bada Bing! on Thursday 13th July 10:20

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