Modern Cobra Concept

Usually a modern interpretation of the AC Cobra means it is built of fibreglass in someone's garage.

But Maltese designers Racer X Design believe this is it – the KC-427.

The firm has released the first sketches of the car, which it says gives the Cobra a ‘brutal new age twist’, whatever that means.

The car will have a 7.0 litre V8 from a Corvette and a power to weight ratio of 550 bhp/ton.

Racer X Design are promising to have a car ready in a year, and twenty KC-427’s will eventually be built.

Reuben Zammit, Director and Head of design of Racer X, said: ‘We will start collecting information on who might be interested in this car.

‘The first twenty people who show interest will be offered the opportunity to purchase the KC once the cars are ready and be updated regularly with the progress.’


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  • SXi_kid 19 Nov 2007

    WOW. That looks fantastic!


  • Bizzle 19 Nov 2007

    Looks pretty darn sexy!

  • Cliffv8 19 Nov 2007

    make it, make it, make it!!! smokin

  • tstain 19 Nov 2007

    whatever happened to ford/shelby concept?

  • WazzaL 19 Nov 2007

    Another re-vamped classic. About time to get an updated Cobra.

    Looks awesome, but not too sure how they pan to make a roof fit! - Sorry, I have a practical streak.

    How far down the process is it? - Is this anywhere near a working concept car?

    So cool.

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