Mustang Bullitt now on sale in UK

So the Ford Mustang Bullitt is available to order in right-hand drive format, starting from £47,145. What does the near £6k premium over the standard V8-engined model buy you? Well, you get the very mildly tweaked exterior obviously, which pays homage to McQueen's '68 GT Fastback (although mostly it's about the Dark Highland Green paint job and the unique gloss black, five-spoke alloys), as well as Recaro leather seats, a panel badge and a white cue ball gear knob on the inside.

You also get a breathed-on version of Ford's 5.0-litre V8, which in Bullitt spec delivers 459hp - providing you with extremely modest bragging rights over the recently facelifted version. Of course, that means the owner of a Stateside version retains bragging rights over you as the US-spec car gets the ECU and uprated induction system from the Shelby GT350. Still, there's rev-matching on the six-speed manual now so downshifting ought to be smoother.

Ford says the production run for the UK bound, right-hand-drive cars will last until this time next year, meaning there's no specific cap on the number that will be built (it'll depend on demand) but the volume will clearly not be limitless. Given the scant availability of the launch spec V8, we'd expect there to be plenty of interest in the special edition version - even among those of us who have only ever watched precisely 9 minutes and 42 seconds of Peter Yates' Academy Award nominated thriller.

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  • Itsallicanafford 08 Jun 2018

    ...Yes please

  • poing 08 Jun 2018

    That's rather lovely.

  • Iamnotkloot 08 Jun 2018

    Must say, that does look good. Six speed manual, good looks and N/A V8 - perfect.

  • irocfan 08 Jun 2018

    got to be honest though that gap on the gearstick and the knob would have me tearing my hair out (what little there is)

  • rare6499 08 Jun 2018

    So much want 😍🤤

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