New Capri For 2012

Del Boy got his order in early
Del Boy got his order in early
The Ford Capri is one of those odd cars that has been the butt of a fair few jokes over the years but now it’s gone people really seem to miss it.

Ford has in the past brought out the ‘new Capri’ in the form of the Probe and Cougar, but the reality is they didn’t really hit the spot.

Now apparently the US firm is serious about creating a Capri replacement, having been spurred into action by the arrival of the new VW Scirocco.

Several reports in Germany claim Ford is preparing a new concept to celebrate next year’s 40th anniversary of the original ’69 Ford Capri Mark 1.

The concept will eventually be turned into a new mk4 version around 2012.

Some sources are telling us to expect the latest Kinetic design to feature heavily on the Capri, as seen on the recent Kuga and new Focus range.

According to Autobild, the new Capri will range will have an output of between 140 and 250bhp with both four and five-cylinder engines on offer.

The car will also be about the same size as the new Scirocco and will be priced from about £17,000.

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  • officialslacker 25 Mar 2008

    Can't wait to see the concept!!!!

  • tps23 25 Mar 2008

    Dear Mr Ford,

    I am very pleased to hear you will be bringing back the Capri.

    I loved my Dads white 2.0S. I request the new one is:

    - also rear wheel drive (unlike the probe)
    - not too heavy (so it shifts)
    - has some proper suspension so it will go round corners in a fairly stable manner (but can still donut when asked)
    - has some retro styling clues

    many thanks

  • LordGrover 25 Mar 2008

    I'll bet they'll offer a diesel option.

  • oagent 25 Mar 2008

    Can Ford stop looking at VW's rebadged golf and take a peek at that new Hyundi coupe. RWD, 4 pot and V6 etc. Very Capri like. Ohh and can they also call it the 'Capri' not the 'Kapri' please

  • havoc 25 Mar 2008

    If it's not rwd it won't be a Mk4 Capri, it'll be a Mk2 Probe!!!

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