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New electric Maserati sports car dubbed 'MC20'

Debutant said to be the 'natural evolution' of the MC12. And it's going racing, too...

By Matt Bird / Friday, February 21, 2020

How long have we been waiting for this? It seems like there's been several years of back and forth around a new Maserati sports car, the Alfieri announced, then mothballed, then seemingly completely forgotten about. But then last year a test mule emerged in a set of official images, looking very encouraging indeed, and now we have a name - MC20. This really is happening.

You've probably figured the name out, but just in case the 'MC' is for 'Maserati Corse', the Trident's race team; that's a nod to the fact that this car will return Maserati to racing. The 20 is nothing more complex than this being a car from 2020. Why do that? Because Maserati's first racing car was the Tipo 26, where 26 denoted the year of production. Nothing sells better than heritage, after all.

Speaking of which, Maserati describes this MC20 as the "natural evolution" of the MC12, at least as far as a racer goes. That racer had quite the reputation, too, winning three times at the Spa 24 Hours and accruing a total of 14 FIA GT championships between 2004 and 2010. An impressive record. Impressive noise, too...

This car won't be quite as extreme as the MC12, though it does mark the beginning of a "new Maserati Era", developed in the Maserati Innovation Lab and to be built in Modena. As for that advanced electric powertrain, Maserati simply says for now that the production line is being updated to accommodate it - no further details as yet.

What we do know, however, is that Maserati will debut the MC20 in Italy before the end of May. Which isn't very far off at all. A date for the diary, certainly. Maserati reckons its super sports car is "eagerly anticipated", which could well be selling the keenness of many short - more details soon!

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