New McLaren 12C Spider - Time for tea?

You'll probably have seen the new McLaren 12C Spider by now. You'll also have seen how the 625hp roadster adds a mere 40kg in weight over the coupe version.

What you won't have seen is the new car on the move, a situation that's remedied by this lovely-looking video of the new open-top McLaren.

Behind the wheel is BTCC driver and McLaren test driver Mat Jackson, proving rather definitively that yes, the 12C will slide. And we thought racing drivers didn't like sliding...


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  • charltjr 12 Jul 2012


    "Want" doesn't even come close.

  • KingOfSnake 12 Jul 2012

    Feel dirty and naughty at the same time. Bit like when the missus catches you staring at another woman's norks....

  • The Danimal 12 Jul 2012

    Looks like the vid was shot at Klaas Zwart's place in Spain.

  • Mostyn 12 Jul 2012

    Looks nice but no BRG option, not even a shocking Volcanic green version. I'd like to know what it would look like, even if I can only own it virtually.

  • LotusOmega375D 12 Jul 2012

    Looks like McLaren are trying hard to shed that rather robotic soulless image they have acquired over the years. Maybe a bit too hard, judging by the film.

    Lovely car though. It will surely encourage a few night-club owners to part with their drug money.

    NB: I didn't know it was actually an F1 car under the body panels

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