New Mercedes SL63 AMG - official details

Having teased us with a semi-launch yesterday, Mercedes has finally lifted the lid on the full technical details and images of its new SL63 AMG. And, yes, this means we can show you more than just a cam cover!

It's been more than a decade since AMG launched the game-changing supercharged SL55 AMG, bringing near-500hp power to a Mercedes roadster for the first time, and thrusting the Mercedes tuning arm into the public consciousness like never before. Now forced induction is back in an AMG SL.

SL63 badge remains, 6.2 V8 replaced
SL63 badge remains, 6.2 V8 replaced
And while power is now well north of 500hp the focus for the R231-gen AMG SL is as much about weight, Mercedes paying particular attention to trimming lard where it can. The result is a car that, at 1,845kg, is 125kg lighter than its predecessor thanks to an aluminium body that draws influence from the SLS. This means that despite being faster and more powerful than what went before, the new SL63 is up to 30 per cent more fuel efficient, equating to 28.5mpg on the combined cycle.

Under the bonnet is the now near-ubiquitous M157 5.5-litre twin-turbo V8, AMG increasing power a tad over the CLS, CL, ML and E63 in which it also features to make the SL the most powerful V8 AMG this side of the SLS. It now develops 537hp at 5,500rpm and 590lb ft at 2,000-4,500rpm. Should you specify the AMG Performance Package that jumps to a thoroughly healthy 564hp and 664lb ft of torque. With the Performance Package option ticked the SL will accelerate to 62mph in 4.2 seconds (a tenth quicker than standard) and see the standard 155mph limiter raised to 186mph instead.

Beauty pageants best avoided
Beauty pageants best avoided
The all-aluminium suspension is controlled by Mercedes' ABC Active Body Control system, allowing you to switch between comfort-oriented and sporty settings. There's also three-stage ESP (timid, brave and show-off, we guess) and a new electric power steering system the assistance from which varies depending on your suspension setting choices.

If you're feeling particularly sporty, you can also specify the optional AMG suspension pack and a locking rear diff.

Transmitting the power to the rear wheels is Merc's Speedshift MCT seven-speed auto. This features four 'driving modes' familiar from all recent AMGs: C (for Controlled Efficiency), S (for Sport), S+ (you can probably work that one out) and M (Manual). This gearbox also includes an automatic double de-clutching function, auto stop-start and, in the racier settings, partial cylinder deactivation to help speed up gearchanges.

View is better from in here
View is better from in here
On top of all this, and the usual SL luxuries, features and options, the SL63 gets a moderately aggressive restyle. But we won't go into detail on that here, because you have eyes and can just take a butcher's at the pictures.

Prices have yet to be announced, but the SL63 AMG goes on sale in the UK this June.






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  • dxbtiger 22 Feb 2012

    Really don't like the rear lights, other than that a thumbs up.

    Coming soon to a shopping mall near me!

  • kambites 22 Feb 2012

    Sad the old one really two tonnes? eek

  • Carfolio 22 Feb 2012

    The SL 73 AMG got there first, with 517 bhp in a roadster in 1999. nerd

  • goron59 22 Feb 2012

    All that power and torque, yet so slow. Probably sounds nice though.

  • StottyZr 22 Feb 2012

    Good to see lots of half empty cups

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