New Toyota FT-86 Concept Set For Geneva

Toyota is set to unveil a second evolution of the FT-86 rear-drive coupe concept at the Geneva show in March.

The FT-86 was first unveiled as a concept back in 2009 and, although rumours last summer suggested that the eagerly anticipated coupe could make production by the end of 2011, the new concept will be the first 'official' step closer to revealing the final design for the new Toyota coupe.

Unfortunately we'll all have to wait a bit longer to see properly what the 'FT-86 II' is, as Toyota is following the distinctly irritating fashion of enigmatic teaser photos.

So, aside from the frustrating photo, all Toyota will say for now is that the FT-86 II "builds on the original concept and will give the clearest indication yet of the final design for Toyota's next sports car".

Oh, and that "this new concept embodies the company's reborn passion for sports car driving".

Very nice, but can we see the car now please, Toyota?


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  • D18OCK 27 Jan 2011

    I have been waiting very patiently for this car and am very interested in what their agreed design will actually create.

    Just hoping they don't ruin it and stick to the original concept of a sub 20k coupe with 40:60 weight distribution! I think I will be on the waiting list in that case!

  • shirt 27 Jan 2011

    a step closer to the final design = looks worse than our first concept, but not as bad as the production version will

  • epom 27 Jan 2011

    i just hope its more comfortable than my old 'twin cam'

  • hornetrider 27 Jan 2011

    Have to agree - massive anticipation on this one. The original concept was budget and lightweight, with around 160bhp wasn't it? MX5 rival only in coupe form? Would be great to see a circa 200bhp or more variant also.

  • louiebaby 27 Jan 2011

    These teaser campaigns only work because news companies let them. However, I understand it's a double edged sword. If Pistonheads decides not to publish this "news" others still will, and market share will be lost.

    If every news agency decided to veto them, they'd soon stop, but it won't happen.

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