No more cars from TVR, says Smolensky

Nikolai Smolensky, owner of the moribund TVR brand, has officially given up any hope of restarting car production.

Smolensky made the revelation to our newshound colleagues over at Autocar, saying that customer demands and costs of production are too high to make a return to building sports cars viable.

Since production officially ceased in 2006, Smolensky had been trying to return to building TVR sports cars and, among his weirder wheezes was plans to resurrect TVR using re-conditioned Sagaris, Cerbera or Chimaera models with LS3 GM V8s (not a bad idea) or even BMW diesels (utter madness), and a project to build a more or less all-new model.

But what happened? "We built three cars," he told Autocar. "A Tuscan Mk2 with a 400hp Corvette LS3 engine, a Cerbera powered by a BMW twin-turbo V8 diesel and a GT350 powered by a 100kW electric motor. They all worked well but the costs were high. We would have had to sell them at between £100,000 and £200,000, which was too high to make sense."

Smolensky has no immediate plans to sell the TVR name either, so that's it folks: TVR will not make a car again for the foreseeable future, and the car brand that was once the poster-child of the anti-environmentalists will now be slapped on to portable wind turbines. Well, people have said before that Smolensky is full of hot air...

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  • TUS 2 CON 11 Jul 2012

    Why doesn't he do the decent thing and release the brand to someone who'll try and make ago of it. TVR branded portable wind turbines ???? What's the point?

  • Bob_Defly 11 Jul 2012

    So why on earth did he buy the brand and then shut it down FFS?

    What an amazing businessman... Cockface.

  • Egg Chaser 11 Jul 2012

    I don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. Obviously, we'd love to see TVR producting cars again, but diesel and electric TVRs? That's just not right.

    I agree with the above, he should do the decent thing and look for a buyer who will at least try and restart production.

  • dtrump 11 Jul 2012

    I'd imagine that a Cerbera powered by a BMW twin-turbo V8 diesel and a GT350 powered by a 100kW electric motor would cost the earth.

    But a Tuscan Mk2 with an old 400hp Corvette LS3 engine...between £100,000 and £200,000?....come on now, don't be silly.

    Just sounds like he's made a bit of a starting effort but got bored and can't be arsed anymore

  • james280779 11 Jul 2012

    the world is a much sadder place without TVR's, Love them to bits even if they are often 'in bits'

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