Nordschleife Pile-Up: The Aftermath

We knew that last weekend's eight-car crash on the Nurburgring was pretty bad, but this video makes you realise just how much worse it could have been.

It's been taken by a chap who arrived at the scene after the first crash, but just before the 'Ring taxi arrives on the scene.

What with crashed cars and their bits strewn across the road, drivers taking to the grass to avoid them, and others even stopping on track, it's quite an astonishing scene. And quite amazing that the result wasn't actually any worse...


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  • louismchuge 06 Oct 2011


  • Lordbenny 06 Oct 2011

    Bloody VX's rolleyes

  • Corsair7 06 Oct 2011

    Um, yeah, big accident. And an0other. Lets not stops.

  • Milks 06 Oct 2011

    putin de merde indeed

    looks like everyone decides the best thing to do is stop and block up more of the track... if there's people on-scene then just keep clear!!

  • booner 06 Oct 2011

    Holy hell, those road works are a joke. So dangerous and definitely would have caught me out.

    What car does this chap have do you think?

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