October supercar spotting: PH Photogallery

Perhaps even more so than usual, October was a varied and interesting month in terms of supercars in London. There are one or two particularly unique tales to tell about the metal and carbon boxes that traverse our capital on their increasingly thin strips of rubber - and of course there's a healthy selection of the usual, but by no means boring, stuff!

To kick things off, probably the largest car to ever be included in one of our London albums, so heavy it requires a lorry licence to operate, the Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6x6. This car wouldn't look out of place on a sand dune, but with a quicker 0-60 time than a 250 GTO it just about earns its place in this selection of supercars... And if one wasn't ghastly enough, try another, tuned by Mansory and finished in blue camouflage!

At completely the other end of the spectrum was the Smart Crossblade in Ferrari guise. The car weighs only 600kg and had been tuned to 132hp! It also sounds surprisingly good for a Smart... The owner assured us he did also own other, actual Ferraris, and the car had been given the seal of approval by the Ferrari Owners' Club.

Another interesting Maranello product (a real one this time) was the manual 400i spotted in a Belgravia mews. It's not the prettiest or fastest ever, but there's something alluring about a front engined V12 manual Ferrari, isn't there?

Probably the most unique car this month was the Mansory J.S.1. This carbon fibre creation is based on the Lamborghini Aventador, but has been rebodied by Mansory for the billionaire James Stunt. Every single panel has been replaced by a carbon equivalent, most with a completely different shape to those found on the LP700 donor car. The car redefines bespoke, and even sits on a set of Veneno style rims! Love it or hate it, the craftsmanship is second to none.

Other enjoyable and interesting cars seen around London in the past month include a black Capristo Ferrari Enzo (that set off car alarms on start-up), a Tailor-Made satin white and red carbon 488 Spider, a cream Aston Martin Vanquish, and two different TdF Blu 812 SuperFasts!

November has been remarkably fruitful so far, so make sure to check back in a month for more supercar goodness, and share your own unique or interesting finds - from London or further afield - in the comments below.

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Comments (15) Join the discussion on the forum

  • JMF894 21 Nov 2017

    Is it wrong to like that Smart?


  • ElectricPics 21 Nov 2017

    JMF894 said:
    Is it wrong to like that Smart?

    Wrong doesn't even begin to cover it! smile

  • chris333 21 Nov 2017

    JMF894 said:
    Is it wrong to like that Smart?

    Not at all. I've seen this a couple of times at Goodwood. It should be so wrong, and yet, it's so well done, and such a barking mad little thing, that you can't help but smile and imagine what it would be like to zip around the countryside in it, picking flies out of your teeth.

  • noble12345 21 Nov 2017

    JMF894 said:
    Is it wrong to like that Smart?

    I love that smart, id prefer the Zonda obv, but that smart looks like a load of fun! thumbup

  • Snubs 21 Nov 2017

    Some great cars in there. And a Ferrari 400.

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