Odd quad bike hits the road

Odd quad but fast fun
Odd quad but fast fun
Here's something for the summer. GG Technik has launched a weird-looking but interesting quad bike. In the words of the company, it sports "aggressive headlights, like the eyes of a jungle cat set to pounce, powerfully supported by four wheels, with a lean, exciting waist and a very special rear section."

The GG-Quad is unique and fast, with a max speed of 100mph from a two-cylinder 1.1-litre boxer engine, pushing out 85bhp through a six-speed gearbox. "No vehicle can compare to the GG-Quad in any respect", said GG.

The first GG Quads have been delivered and production continues.

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  • cotty 09 Jun 2005

    Are quad bike road leagal as I didnt think they were

  • miniman 09 Jun 2005

    cotty said:
    Are quad bike road leagal as I didnt think they were

    Depends, I think, on mudguards, lights etc. There's certainly a couple on the road around here.

  • B17NNS 09 Jun 2005

    thats a cool idea.

    I like it!

  • cotty 09 Jun 2005

    I wonder if it will have to run a front number plate.

    To be honest if I was going down that route I think I would prefer an Arial Atom

  • humpbackmaniac 09 Jun 2005

    looks like fun and no Lid to wear, but doesn't it give you the worst of both worlds? You still get wet and you can't cut through traffic.

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