One-Off V8 Atom On Sale In US

A V8-powered Ariel Atom is up for grabs in the US, months before the official factory version goes on sale.

Ariel is planning to build just 25 examples of its 500bhp Ariel Atom 500 (of which 20 have already been sold) at an eye-watering price of between £110k and £120k apiece.

Oregon-based Palatov Motorsport has just one V8 Atom, but you could be the proud owner of it for $65,000 (£43k).

The Palatov Atom uses the same Hartley H1 V8 as the Ariel Atom 500 will get, but with a displacement of 2.8 litres rather than 3.0 litres, and without the extensive internal modifications that Ariel makes to its engines. There's also the small matter of 100bhp or so - the 'factory' V8 makes 500bhp, while the Palatov car can muster 'just' 396bhp.

Still, if you can't wait for the 500bhp version, can't stretch to that lofty price tag, or are merely impatient, the Palatov Atom V8 could be a fine option.

You can peruse the car's spec more thoroughly by having a look at the car's eBay advert (reproduced below), or by flicking through the car's build blog...


Other Makes Ariel Atom
The only V8 Atom you can drive today! NO RESERVE

2006 Ariel Atom, 400hp V8 conversion by Palatov Motorsport. NO RESERVE - PLEASE READ ALL DETAILS AND HAVE CASH AVAILABLE BEFORE BIDDING! This is a unique car and as of this writing, the only V8 Atom in the world that you can actually buy and drive. It is streetable in Oregon as a 'Race Activity Vehicle' (permanent SP plate) but is configured primarily as a track vehicle - it is too crazy for the street! The only lighting is a brake light so it can only be driven during daylight hours. It may be difficult or impossible to register it for even limited street use in many states. Do your research BEFORE YOU BID if this is a concern.

The car is being sold for track use only and I cannot assist with street registration other than what it already has (Oregon RAV). This is an awesome track toy for a DEDICATED and EXPERIENCED enthusiast. The car weighs 1,250 lbs with no fuel, which is less than the 4-cylinder stock models, and has 400hp. This is same power/weight as a late-70's Formula 1 car! It posts lap times similar to vintage CAN-AM cars.

Hartley H1 V8, 2.8L, 400hp @10,000 RPM (
Ford MTX-75 5-speed transaxle with Quaife helical (synchro) gearset and Quaife differential
Tilton twin-plate 5.5" rally cerametallic clutch
Alcon 4-piston calipers with 11" vented rotors front and rear ('race package')
Upgraded Palatov Motorsport rear uprights and hubs with Porsche 911 bearings
Upgraded Palatov Motorsport progressive-rate bellcranks and pushrods
Palatov Motorsport chassis brace
Custom Fuelsafe fuel cell
12,000 RPM SPA dash

P.H. O'meter

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  • soad 28 Apr 2010

    It looks mental! Me likey cloud9

  • mrben 28 Apr 2010

    'just' 396bhp.

    Thats still alot in that !!!

  • davem45r 28 Apr 2010

    How could it be anything other than brilliant with the Ariel chassis and a race developed V8? Perhaps it will put the pressure on Mr Saunders to get his more powerful version to market (Ariel website news June 2009: "...shortly to be released Ariel Atom 500..."). Since when was ten months 'shortly'?

  • chuntington101 28 Apr 2010

    Sad to see this guy selling it as he has spent ALOT of time, effort and money developing this car! see here at

    However you will also see the other cars he is designing and building, from scratch(!!!), and that they are even more bonkers thanthis Atom! smile


  • annodomini2 28 Apr 2010

    Or is this based on one of those dodgy chinese copies with the 650cc two stroke engine?

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