Panamera Hybrid Makes Geneva Debut

Geneva sees the debut of Porsche's first significant addition to the Panamera range, the S Hybrid. As the name suggests this is a petrol-electric version with a specification closely mirroring that of the Cayenne Hybrid.

It uses the same 330bhp supercharged V6 and 44bhp electric motor with a Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack and an eight-speed automatic transmission. 0-62mph takes 6.0sec, with 168mph achievable flat out.

For those sold on the big Porsche's er, 'unusual' blend of four-seat luxury, looks and performance, the real significance of this car is in the numbers. To be precise, it offers 41.5mpg economy on the combined cycle, with 159g/km of C02 - just below the 160g/km cut off point and therefore allowing company buyers to offset more of the value against tax.

At £86,227 it sits between the 4S and the Turbo, but you do get 19" wheels and air suspension thrown in for free.

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  • alexpa 01 Mar 2011

    It's a fudge of the EU rules, but then so is the Prius (Pious)

    Does any normal driver ever get anywhere near the economy the Prius is rated at? I doubt it.

  • markmullen 01 Mar 2011

    Cool, congestion charge exempt?

  • Ozzie Osmond 01 Mar 2011

    These cars are ridiculously "ungreen" as they drag around so much additional weight.

    If you want to be kind to the environment, buy a smaller car!

  • soad 01 Mar 2011

    Don't care much for this hybrid business, but don't hate it either.
    Give me a turbo-charged one!

  • B10 01 Mar 2011

    Pointless Panzer

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