PH at the Performance Car Show

January is usually a depressing month. Battling with every kind of Christmas excess, the miserable weather and returning to work makes for a rather melancholy few weeks.

But there is hope! As part of PH's involvement with the Performance Car Show next weekend, we have a fabulous line-up of PH Heroes for you to ogle whilst at the NEC. Besides this and everything else at the show, we're also running a Sunday Service which still has some spaces available.

The list of confirmed Heroes for the PH stand includes:

Audi Quattro - An icon of world rallying, and a very cool road car too.

BMW E30 M3 - An icon of world touring cars, and a very cool road car too!

Aston Martin Vanquish - The first of the modern Astons, a car so good the name was resurrected.

Mercedes 450 SEL 6.9 - The ultimate plutocrat's barge of the 70s with a stonking great V8.

Renault Clio V6 255 - They really don't make 'em like this anymore. A Liquid Yellow example of a mad hot hatch.

Lotus Carlton - You know why the Lotus Carlton is a PH Hero: 177mph. Now twenty years old, it will be one of the must-sees at the show.

VW Golf GTI - An original Mk1 car from VW's Heritage Fleet. Remind yourself how far hot hatches have come over the past four decades!

Honda NSX - A car the impact of which Honda is still trying to match. Light, agile and approachable, the NSX redefined supercar expectations.

TVR Sagaris - TVR's last and perhaps most accomplished car. Wild to look at, absorbing to drive, the Sagaris is everything we hope any new TVRs can be.

TVR Wedge - What makes the Wedge a hero? Grunty V8, brilliant noise, light body and easy fun, that's what.

Peugeot 205 T16 - About as far removed from a regular 205 as it's possible to be! Massively rare mid-engined 4WD Group B special will be a sight to behold.

Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 - Owned one on Gran Turismo? Course you have. See one of the original 100 UK-supplied cars up close at the NEC.

There's a few from this list we've held back too, just so there are some surprises on the day! But as this selection shows, there will be some fantastic cars to see alongside all the other Performance Car Show attractions.

One final thing. Remember the Qashqai R we featured a little while back? The boys at Severn Valley will be bringing it to the NEC. Catch up with their progress on the SVM website.

Book your tickets for the show here.

Reserve your place on the Sunday Service here.

And see you there!

P.H. O'meter

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  • green-blood 03 Jan 2014

    oh my allah.... no mx5

    damn you I am staying in to watch greys anatomy instead

  • okie592 03 Jan 2014

    Hope your open on the trade days, I'm coming in my mapped 335d on Friday.

  • B17NNS 03 Jan 2014

    Will the stand be visible? Or will there will just be nine big fk off bill boards spoiling the view.

  • okie592 03 Jan 2014

    Hope your open on the trade days, I'm coming in my mapped 335d on Friday.

  • RossP 03 Jan 2014

    Any promo codes available?

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