PH giveaway: Lewis In Mobil Oil Painting

In the pantheon of PistonHeads giveaways this may yet stack up as one of the oddest but, letโ€™s face it, who else do you know with a limited-edition artist-signed print of a Lewis Hamilton portrait made from used F1 motor oil?

Yep, what you see here is a picture of Lewis commissioned by Mobil 1 from US artist David Macaluso to help publicise the start of National Oil Check Week in the UK. (Youโ€™ve never heard of National Oil Check Week before? Then Mobilโ€™s cunning publicity stunt has claimed another victim...)

Still, weโ€™re not ones to look a gift horse in the mouth, so when Mobil offered us one of a limited run of just 50 artist-signed prints to present to a lucky PHer โ€“ we said yes please. So if you want to win this exclusive prize, just drop an email to with the word Mobil in the subject line. In time-honoured fashion weโ€™ll pluck a random winner out of the email hat after the deadline for entries, which weโ€™ve set for mid-day on June 15th.

In fact, if youโ€™re feeling like a winner, you can also try your luck at winning an iPod at or thereโ€™ll be another chance to score one of the limited-edition Lewis prints at in the run-up to the British GP.

Of the total print run of 50 Lewis pictures, more than half are being distributed internally and to VIPs by Mobil, so getting your hands on one of the remaining 20-odd could be a bit of a coup, we're told.

Macaluso is apparently a bit of an expert in the use of motor oil as a painting medium, and speaks on the subject of his latest work thus:

โ€˜Iโ€™ve been recycling used motor oil into paintings since 2005, so it was exciting to do a portrait of Lewis, and it was a privilege. When people look at my portrait of Lewis Hamilton, I want them to know it contains the Mobil 1 that circulated inside his Mercedes-Benz engine.ย  History was made by Hamilton with this oil, and to experience this painting is to be eye-to-eye with that history.

โ€˜Painting with the Mobil 1 used motor oil offered a wide range of tones and was obviously a very refined product from its texture. It was extremely smooth and very particle-rich, with all the engine dirt in perpetual suspension, making for a great painting medium.โ€™

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  • Vixpy1 08 Jun 2009

    Lewis is so last year..

    Can we have a Jenson one instead hehe

  • TheEnd 08 Jun 2009

    Vixpy1 said:
    Lewis is so last year..

    Can we have a Jenson one instead hehe
    That's just what I was thinking, there is a new UK hero!

  • Graham E 08 Jun 2009

    I'd actually quite like one - it can go on my wall next to my pictures of Ben Johnson, Dwayne Chambers, and Diago Maradonna.

  • zippy500 09 Jun 2009

    "Damn, wish my car was not so ste"

    Is this a caption competition?

  • scoobydude 09 Jun 2009

    Is it flammable?

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