PH Heroes: The Human Edition

No caption can do this pic justice...
No caption can do this pic justice...
Rally drivers are a plucky bunch but there are times when you have to gracefully admit defeat. One such occasion may be when the car breaks and it stop moving. But whereas us mere mortals might call it a day when a throttle cable snaps, French rally drivers call it an opportunity for a spot of heroics.

Without a moment’s hesitation the pilot hops into the engine bay to manually control the throttle cable bracket while the co-driver climbs behind the wheel. After narrowly avoiding another competitor the duo then set off to complete the stage of the Ralley de Serrains in France. It’s mesmorizing stuff and proof that motorsport really isn’t boring…

Watch the whole story below.


Thanks to Autoblog and Axis of Oversteer for the tip...

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  • Paul GTS 14 Nov 2008

    HAHAH toasty! This is insane and brilliant all at the same time.

    I wonder if they had a health and safety guy on this rally? He probably had a heart attack when he saw this on the cameras.

    Could this be the most insane thing someone has done and got away with while competing?

  • neil_bolton 14 Nov 2008

    biggrin Excellent

  • Gatso Hater 14 Nov 2008

    Genius way over getting it over the line clapthumbup

  • Stu R 14 Nov 2008

    amazing clapbiggrin

  • Northern-Loop 14 Nov 2008


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