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Brundle. Not  Yonah
Brundle. Not Yonah
Yonah, our resident man-on-two-wheels, managed to catch up with the face of F1 commentary, Martin Brundle, the other day for a few words. Turns out that the Beeb's newly installed lead F1 commentator is a bit of a bike nut, so rather than chat about boring old F1 we've quizzed him with questions of a more two-wheeled variety... Over to Yonah and Mr Brundle...

What was your first bike?
A Garelli 50 in 1975. The exhaust used to get glued up the with unburnt two-stroke oil so I spent most of my time cleaning it out. Rode it without the exhaust once and it went like a rocket. Not a proper bike, but it got me about.

And the first proper bike you rode?
The first was an RC30 in California and the second was Randy Mamola's 500cc Yamaha race bike at Barcelona. I hadn't got a clue what I was doing. Couldn't get it to go around a corner because the back tyre was so fat. Worked it out eventually though.

Brundle's first bike was a 50cc Garelli
Brundle's first bike was a 50cc Garelli
Silliest crash?
Chasing after Noel Edmonds for an autograph on a monkey bike at Brands Hatch and falling off after colliding with another monkey bike coming in the opposite direction.

Does a superbike feel as quick as an F1 car?
Sometimes quicker. An F1 car has so much drag that once you really get going the acceleration feels disappointing. You don't get the sensation that you do on a really fast bike that the acceleration is never-ending.

Best biking moment
It's either my regular anti-clockwise lap of Norfolk that I sometimes do early on a Sunday or the ride back from the French GP at Magny Cours to Epernay. Not classic roads, just quiet, challenging and fast.

Was Schumacher crazy to race superbikes?
Since I told him at the time that he was, I'd have to answer yes.

K1200GT: Brundle's current ride
K1200GT: Brundle's current ride
What bike do you own?
A BMW K1200GT. You can wind it up to 130mph and go for 200 miles without needing to stop for fuel.

And your dream bike is?
No one makes it. I quite fancy a go on a Ducati Multistrada but what I really want is a super sports tourer. Something fast, but light and with a low centre of gravity.

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  • cod man 21 Jan 2011

    This man is cool

  • edwardtjones 21 Jan 2011

    Surely the Hayabusa or Blackbird suit Martin's description of his ideal bike?

  • edwardtjones 21 Jan 2011

    And surely going from a Garelli to an RC30 is like going from a pogo stick to a bungee jump - and to handle Mamola's 500cc GP bike - the guy must have a shed full of talent

  • toxgobbler 21 Jan 2011

    cod man said:
    This man is cool

  • heebeegeetee 21 Jan 2011

    toxgobbler said:
    cod man said:
    This man is cool
    +lots. He is a top bloke. yes

    Looking forward to him and DC in the new season.

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