PH2: Christ on a bike!

One of the most bizarre press releases PH2 has ever seen has just dropped into our inbox...

To celebrate its 110th year anniversary, Harley-Davidson has had two petrol tanks blessed by Pope Benedict XVI. Yep, that's right, his holiness will be blessing then signing the tanks and Willie G Davidson (grandson of Harley founder Bill Davidson) and Bill himself will then add their signatures to the tanks. Once lacquered over the tanks will be fitted to bikes and one auctioned off to support the Good Samaritan Foundation charity and the other returned to the Harley museum in Milwaukee.

This bizarre publicity stunt is to help promote Harley's 110th Anniversary event which takes place in Rome on June 13-16.

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  • V8 FOU 05 Oct 2012

    Oh God!
    What will HD sink to next?
    Charity benefits, but........
    And is Willie G still alive? The followers will probably now call him Saint Willie G of Milwaukee

    Just noticed. Willie G isn't wearing his trademark Beret. Didn't recognise him. Probably had to have it surgically removed for the occasion....

    Edited by V8 FOU on Friday 5th October 11:35

  • gofasterrosssco 05 Oct 2012

    Holy petrol - disolves diesel and hybrid cars on contact... hehe

  • V6GTA 05 Oct 2012

    What. the. fk.

  • bob1179 05 Oct 2012

    Only in America!


  • eein 05 Oct 2012

    Cool... how many more horsepower does it give? ... when can I buy one in Halfords...?

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