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Plates of Glory - DVLA reg sale now on!

Promised yourself a private plate for 2020? The DVLA's biggest ever auction is on now

By Dafydd Wood / Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A new year means the release of new car registrations, and while some buyers will be keen to see a shiny new '20' plate adorning their vehicle, they're certainly not as exciting as the '69' plates they replace (snigger). Those on the hunt for something a little more special for their pride and joy, however, are in luck, with the DVLA announcing its largest ever personalised registration auction.

The 2,750 lots available during the 10-day process represent 250 more opportunities to find your perfect plate than ever before, and that may not be the only record broken this time around. If last year's sale of IG 1 resulted in the DVLA's third highest ever sum of £222,000, then you'd have to imagine that offerings such as 2002 A, 44 0, 180 A and 106 T have a good chance of reaching similar heights, let alone plates like F40 TOY and 550 GT which actually mean something.

Then there's BMT 214B, which may sound slightly familiar to James Bond fans for its similarity to the BMT 216A registration which appears on one side of the rotating plate used on 007's famous DB5. Elsewhere the likes of AMG 63G, VW14 BUG and LO15 TUS all start with reserves of just £250, while WRX 555S could be a steal at £200, meaning there's something for petrolheads of all budgets on offer.

Jody Davies, the DVLA's Senior Sales Manager for Personalised Registrations said of the auction: "Our online Timed Auctions are proving extremely popular, with a big variety of personalised registrations to suit all tastes and budgets this auction offers our customers more choice than ever, we look forward to what is sure to be an exciting few days of bidding ahead."

If you fancy taking part yourself then a full lot list can be found here.

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