Polish Man Builds McLaren F1

The McLaren F1 ranks pretty highly on most petrolhead lists of dream machines, but few would go to the lengths of re-creating the legendary 'Macca' at home.

In keeping with the original design, this recession-spec F1 from Poland uses a V12 engine purloined from a dead BMW. The Polish F1’s carbon fibre tub appears to have been redesigned in steel and fibre glass, but as for the rest… your guess is as good as ours!

However, we especially like the small model car upon which this brave backyard builder appears to have based the whole project. See a full gallery of project car pictures below.


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  • SpyderPig 23 Apr 2009

    Good effort. Much nicer to look at than your average kit car!

  • haggy 23 Apr 2009

    Be nice when its finished!

  • Gad-Westy 23 Apr 2009

    Polish man builds McLaren F1 Automatic!

    Clearly a skilled individual if a little misguided.

  • Nickellarse 23 Apr 2009

    I like it. Compared to some of the tat we see this is actually quite pleasing. It puts to shame the miriad of stoopid student designs. This lad has at least put his money where his mouth is and dun it.

    He needs to get a nice bird on top of it for the photos though!

  • paul26982 23 Apr 2009

    good effort but terrible in a way, will probly sell for a fair few quid too. Flemke were are you, love to here your comments

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