Range Rover track hack: Reader's Car of the Week

The sane amongst us will know that it's best to start light when it comes to building a track car. But what if you want to do something truly out of the ordinary? That appears to be the motivation behind PHer charlie-5mkmt and his friends' decision to convert a Range Rover - yes, you read that right - into a circuit hack.

Using a supercharged 4.2-litre-powered L322 and its 400 horses as a base, Charlie and his mates - who thought up the project during a drunken Gran Turismo session - have embarked on the seemingly impossible: to make a 2.6-ton luxury off-roader that's as plush as they come fit for the asphalt.

Admirably, before making any modifications (well, apart from re-badging the tailgate to read 'Range Racer'), the team has completed a track day at Bedford Autodrome so as to set a benchmark on which to improve. Turns out a standard V8 Range Rover isn't particularly happy on circuit, which will surprise absolutely nobody.

But that's what makes this project so exciting - and the accompanying PH thread so worth a read. Work has already begun on the car's interior, so it's moving quickly too. And since the team are all Land Rover employees, the job's being done with inside knowledge.

One to add to the web browser bookmarks, then. Good luck Charlie!

Read the full thread here.

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