Reader's Car of the Week: Dacia Duster Roadster

Today is the day that a person will come from Dacia to collect PH's Duster and take it back to its rightful owner. While tears may not be shed for its departure, it has coped admirably with everything we've thrown at it; from keeping up with a Defender off the tarmac to an epic Scottish road trip on it, the Duster has taken on every challenge and never faltered.

The dependability and value for money offered by all the Dacia products has earned the brand a strong following in the UK over the past few years; PHer 'Grahamtr7' being just one of its advocates, running a Duster as his daily car. But now he has another one, too...

What you're looking at here is a 1992 Dacia Duster Roadster, with just four thousand miles from new. Having been parked in a heated garage since 1993, it has been recently acquired by Graham to accompany his modern Duster. And doesn't it look great? The very antithesis of anything 21st century.

Having started the thread on Monday, plenty of pics have been forthcoming from Graham in addition to many positive PHer comments. Click the link here to read the full thread - and congratulations Graham on a great purchase!

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