Revealed: Mansell's Le Mans Car With PH Stickers

"Go Red 5!  Go Smiley!"
"Go Red 5! Go Smiley!"
...Team Beechdean Mansell have just emailed this photoshop rendering of where they hope to put our PistonHeads 'Smiley' stickers on the LMP1 car that Nigel Mansell and sons will race at Le Mans. The placement is still provisional, but this picture is so unbelievably mega we just had to share it.

You won't be surprised to learn that we're already speechless (almost!) with pride here in the PH office, because you don't need us to tell you that Nigel Mansell ranks as one of the greatest racing drivers this country has ever produced.

(Yep, an F1 World Champion and all-round driving legend making his racing debut at the world's greatest motor race, and us just a little ol' website, an' all...)

Wherever Smiley ends up on the car on race day, we'll still be proud as Punch to know we're going to be riding with the team. For every racing mile that a combination of the legendary Mansell magic, the team's preparations, grit, commitment, and a dash of good fortune may take them, we hope our fellow PHers will be cheering all the way!

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  • soad 02 Jun 2010

    Very fitting, does look ace! biggrin

    Eagerly awaiting proper photos, not that long to go now.

  • k-ink 02 Jun 2010


    Nigel Mansell back racing makes me feel like a kid in the 80's all over again cloud9

  • type.ra 02 Jun 2010

    Well done guys!!! It's an awesome site - and adorning an LMP1 car at Le Mans is about as good a compliment to your commitment I think you're going to get!

  • turbo-ww 02 Jun 2010


    Here's a thought. How about the next PH competition being the best action shot of the car showing the smiley at Le Mans? scratchchin

  • k-ink 02 Jun 2010

    Good idea... then sell some decent prints. I will offer to retouch them for free (been doing this for a decade professionally)...

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