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Rover 200 BRM: Reader's Car of the Week

Bought from storage and being brought back to its best, this 200 BRM looks like a gem!

By Matt Bird / Saturday, February 09, 2019

Before the era of MG Z cars, there were precious few fast Rovers to get excited about. That's not to say there weren't any at all though; remember the 200 BRM?

Based on the 145hp 200vi of the era, all BRMs produced were in green with the orange grille surround and vivid red interior. Unsurprisingly given the cars are now 20 years old and were rare to start with, there aren't many BRMs still going - HowManyLeft has just 121 currently taxed on the road.

It's all the more pleasing, then, that a BRM as lovely as this one will see the light of day again. Purchased at the end of last year by PHer 'itscaptainslow', this BRM really is a minter: dry stored for 12 years and having covered just 38,000 miles, it's in fantastic condition. Which will have made its breakdown on the journey home all the more galling, even if the issue did prove to be more minor than first feared.

With a few niggles now resolved - we'll let the captain tell you about those - the 200 is ready for some nicer weather to be driven and enjoyed. Already though (after a few sneaky dry weather adventures), the BRM is described as "just great", and "raw like modern hot hatches aren't", which sounds like absolutely splendid news from here. The car is set to enjoy a few outings on sunny days later in 2019, so fingers crossed this PHer and his fantastic BRM can make it along to a Sunday Service - enjoy the car!

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