Saab sells off museum pieces

The Saab Heritage Museum's collection of more than 100 cars is to be sold this Friday, as the Swedish carmaker goes through the death throes of its insolvency.

Insolvency lawyers Delphi have set Midday on Friday 20th January as the deadline for written bids - and they say they will consider bids for anything from individual cars to the collection as a whole.

Aero X concept
Aero X concept
There is something slightly distasteful about picking over the bones of a once-thriving company, but although it is a shame to see such a collection broken up, the scope for Saab fiends to get their hands on a piece or two Swedish automotive of history is massive.

Among the cars up for grabs are the original 1946 Ursaab prototype, a pair of Saab Formula Junior single-seater racers from 1960, the recent Aero X concept, the first of the last-generation 9-5s, the two 9000s from the firm's record-breaking average speed runs in the 80s, and even a 99 that at some point had a V8 fitted in the nose.

Record-breaking 9000
Record-breaking 9000
99 V8 'longnose' prototype
99 V8 'longnose' prototype

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  • thewheelman 17 Jan 2012

    No doubt some interesting cars, but i can't help finding this story a little sad. I suspect the vultures will be circling & waiting to pick off the remains of SAAB. I just hope enthusiasts of SAAB get there first.

  • Stew2000 17 Jan 2012


  • M666 EVO 17 Jan 2012

    So does this mean Saab second hand cars will plumpet or soar in value?

    I quite like the idea of burning around in a 9000 Turbo.

  • rj1986 17 Jan 2012

    Anybody know what's the going rate for stuff like this?
    I suspect its close to 7 figures for some of the lesser known (Aero X concept for example)

    If not... £30 and a pack of skittles?

  • cookie1600 17 Jan 2012

    Bloody hell that is sad, almost as bad as breaking up Gaydon!

    Is the Aero X roadworthy? It might make me a good new run around for the Summer...... I bet they go for peanuts and end up being hidden in collections or sold off for mega profit in auctions throughout the year.

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