Santa Pod Sunday Service 07/05

We love a good drag race here at PH. We love a bad drag race too, in fact. Partly because we like to quote Dom Toretto and claim we live life a quarter mile at a time, but mostly because it's just good fun. And you get to prove your car is faster than your mate's. Therefore we thought it only right to visit the home of British drag racing at Santa Pod for another Sunday Service, to see just how fast we can go in a straight line!

The day will consist of our PH Sunday Service meet alongside Santa Pod's Run What Ya Brung day, where us lucky folks will have discounted Race Vouchers for the day. Once again we'll be bringing along a very shouty, very smokey, drag strip loving car in the shape of our long term Ford Mustang, as well as seeing what our roof box wielding Skoda Superb 280 can do; we're looking forward to a few good battles on the strip!

If you've never raced at Santa Pod before, then you're definitely in for a treat. But if you just fancy watching, you'll be really close to the action and be able to watch a vast array of cars tearing up the strip. Entry to the drag racing is separate and tickets are available here, at a discounted rate of £30 for PHers. However, if you want to drag race please sign up to the Sunday Service here as well!

There are 200 spaces for RWYB tickets with 800 spaces in total (with room to expand if necessary) for the Sunday Service. Santa Pod will have their usual various food stands on site to fuel you for racing. Professional photographs will be available, too.

See you there!



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Comments (262) Join the discussion on the forum

  • nigelpugh7 18 Apr 2017

    Hi Jack,

    I might be being a. Bit dumb here, but the link for signing up seems to be just for the SS. And. The 800 places.

    Should there be a separate link for the 200 to sign up,for the runnwhat yabruung drag race too?

    I've signed up,,but. It's seems to be just for the. Freebie SS?

  • Patch888 18 Apr 2017

    The link for signing up to race is separate mate and will be up shortly i believe.

  • nigelpugh7 18 Apr 2017

    Patch888 said:
    The link for signing up to race is separate mate and will be up shortly i believe.
    Cheers Patch!,

  • lezdix 18 Apr 2017

    Sadly can't make it (double booked) but for those going in open top/windowless cars do note the arm restraint regs.

    Simplest thing is put the roof up even if it's sunny I think: Unless I've read the rules wrong

  • Dagz 18 Apr 2017

    Would I be able to bring the Yamaha R1 and drag race??? Or is it just cars???

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