Snow fun for Loeb's rivals

In keeping with the general snow theme going on today – with apologies to those who haven’t got any – there’s plenty of exciting news and footage coming back from the Rallye Monte Carlo. And if you thought the Loeb era was over, well, you thought wrong. He may have ruled himself out of contention for the title but his dominance remains and, right now, he’s leading over another French Sebastien (Ogier) who’s making an impressive start to VW’s rally adventure.

A Citroen, not on a British motorway we're guessing
A Citroen, not on a British motorway we're guessing
This video of Loeb turning up to shakedown his DS3 before the event in his grey Aventador has been doing the rounds a lot too, and seems to have earned him plenty of kudos. How frustrating for anyone trying to find a chink in his armour of Gallic cool too. Anyone else would get flamed for the arrogance and pretentiousness of such behaviour. But somehow he even manages to pull this off with appealing nonchalance too. It’s all wrong but seeing a car driven at that kind of pace on a public road – closed admittedly – just seems so enticing too. Given how cool it looks it’s a crying shame rallying appears stuck in such a rut. New year’s resolution? Watch more WRC…

To that end if you want to keep tabs on the action the Michelin-sponsored website is packed with info and has a great Flickr stream of photos from the event too. 

[Sources:, via AxisOfOversteer]


P.H. O'meter

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  • KernowSid 18 Jan 2013

    Really can't believe it's got to the point where WRC isn't shown at all on telly.

    Just watching the clips on YouTube of Loeb at Monte Carlo show what we're missing.

  • HustleRussell 18 Jan 2013

    WRC does, unfortunately, need a major shake up- and that extends beyond the semi-retirement of it's dominant driver. I want it back on proper telly, with proper entrants in proper numbers.

  • Krikkit 18 Jan 2013

    They might not be as exciting as old, but am I the only one who thinks the current generation of WRC cars look bloody fantastic?

  • ArnageWRC 18 Jan 2013

    There’s nothing wrong with the current cars – apart from the cost to buy/hire one. Watching them live is fantastic – full, utter commitment!!

    As for Loeb – not only is he the best driver around in any discipline – he’s the coolest. No ego, or arrogance – just complete professionalism. He still doesn’t receive the plaudits he richly deserves – but he probably prefers it that way. Enjoy him while you can.

  • JS100 18 Jan 2013

    An all time great! Just a shame he wasn't around to drive in the Group B era.

    Having driven the Col de Turini end to end unsighted last year, respect for what these guys do is immense. (Clip below). They deserve a better audience, or at least some audience!

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