Something For The Weekend: 06/09/09

PH has been given an early tip-off about an event taking place on 6 September. 'Ride in a Supercar Day' is being hosted by Petrolheads Nirvana and Club Scuderia, and is in aid of Littlehavens Children's Hospice.

The main event will be 2-lap rides around the Ford Engineering test track at Dunton (Essex) in a variety of supercars. As a test track it is varied and should offer a pretty exciting experience for passengers, with high speed banking and long straights for the supercars to stretch their legs on. The rides require a donation of around £20 to the charity.

The event will be thoroughly family-friendly, and the list of other motoring and non-motoring related activities that'll be on site is pretty long. It includes go karting, a fairground (with dodgems!), a fun house, 'Spinner' ride, a giant inflatable area, quad biking, face painting, kids competitions, an F1 simulator, giant Scalextric, and 2 live bands.

There will also be a driving competition, which we're told will involve driving around a course with a ping pong ball in a bowl on the bonnet, trying to avoid it flying off. Not one for the lead-footed amongst us, perhaps...

A classic car display area will also feature around 60 cars, and there will be a trade stall area for useful bits and bobs. You can also get your car washed by a professional company (proceeds all to charity), and there's even a mechanic who will do checks and small jobs on-site.

There will of course be a Sunday Service-style PistonHeads/Petrolheads Nirvana car park which should be typically lively, and parking in it is free all-day. We're expecting the usual PH mix of all sorts of exotic and interesting cars and their friendly owners, but spaces will be limited (exact number TBC), so get your name down on a list below to help us get an idea of numbers.

Entry to the main event is just £4 (again, all proceeds to charity) and there is no need to book in advance - though if you want a ride in one of the supercars, you'll need to book online. There are 700 ride slots available, but with around 3000 attendees expected you'll need to book quickly to ensure a place.

The event runs from 10am to 4pm, and supercar rides are from 10.30am. We hope to see you all there!

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  • Harsh 24 Jul 2009

    Anyone that came to our event at Dunsfold earlier this year will know how much fun it is.

    The location as said is the Dunton engineering centre.
    postcode SS15 6EE
    ok, cars expected so far for this...........

    There a re a wide range of ferraris,

    from a 430's (including Scuderias) 360 coupes spiders and Challenge Stradales
    355's 348's and a few special editions

    in addition there's a number of special vehicles
    from Atoms, KTM's Ultimas, Carrera GT's, Ford Gt's an XJ220 and possibly a koenigsegg.

    i'll update this post with more details as they come through.

    ok, here's the current list of cars...

    also if anyone wants to go on the static display please put your name down.

    1 Radders -360 Challenge Stradale
    2 tiganut - 360 spider
    3 Bruce - 430 Scuderia
    4 YellowTR - Testarossa
    5 AndrewE - 308 GTB
    6 nick - 430 Spider
    7 SJW Ferrari - 355 spider
    8 Paul M - 430 Scud 16M
    9 rmdferrari - 308GT4
    10 Philip BB - 348tb
    11 Kaptec - 355 Berli F1
    12 Catcussed - F355 (loud!!)
    13 Aliciawylle - 360m
    14 Sletti - 348 spider
    15 Dave the manager - 360M
    16 F430F1matt - F430
    17 Boxer - F40/F50 or ?
    18 ALA66A - 308 GTBi
    19 KRO - 348GTB
    20 John R - 575M
    21 D.Mallard - 360M
    22 Hot Rick - 360M
    23 jos - 308 gts
    24 P4DHU - 360M
    25 Sy - 34826
    26 F355GTS - 355 Spider
    27 Hazy - 360 Challenge Stradale
    28 Danno - Aston martin Vanquish
    29 Jules - 360 Challenge Stradale
    30 Doza - 360m
    31 Bullseye - 308 GT4
    32 gee - 360 Challenge Stradale
    33 H - 355

    PN List

    1 Harsh - 360 Spider
    2 Tiger Two - Atom 3 300
    3 PT - KTM X-BOW
    4 Mark - Murci
    5 Pete - Murci Roadster
    6 James - Cobra
    7 Nicke999 - Aston DB9 Prodrive (Matt Black)
    8 Phil - Ford GT/NobleM400
    9 Del - Griff
    10 Fatboy18 - Viper GTS
    11 John R - Nissan GTR
    12 Evil Dr Fish - Diablo
    13 Godzilla - Nissan GTR
    14 Speedbuzz - Sagaris
    15 Neilsfishin - Viper GTS
    16 Paul - Murci

    We do still have a little bit of space for a couple of special cars to go on track with us so if you want to do that please let me know via PM.

    Display cars

    There's a large classic and sports car display already, the following are simply a few PH additions

    1 Angelis
    2 Adz man..........360M
    3 SJC - Noble
    4 Verysideways - Tuscan
    5 Robin - F150
    6 KenC....... 430 Scuderia
    7 sheldon....355...M10 JSE
    8 DBVW - Sagaris

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    Edited by Harsh on Friday 4th September 13:32

  • beanbag 24 Jul 2009

    That's an easy £14k for charity! thumbup

    Personally, I'd double the amount for each joy-ride! I'd even pay £100 to have a decent couple of laps in a Veyron. It's not like you get that kind of a chance so often!

  • Furyblade_Lee 24 Jul 2009

    Hats off to anyone who lets rip in their genuine supercars with paying passenger for charity. However, they are few and far between. I agree, they should charge more than that!

  • Mannginger 25 Jul 2009

    Harsh - last one was great and it'll be good to go back "home" to Dunton.

    Are putting names down here or do we have to register on the site in order to confirm our attendance?



  • markoc 25 Jul 2009

    In the absence of a formally created list:


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