SOTW: Citroen BX GTI 8v

Last week I mused about how cheap the Peugeot 309 GTI has become largely because it isn't quite as appealing to look at as the smaller 205. This week's Shed proves that the trend can continue even further down the fast and French family tree.

The Citroen BX GTI is another Gallic hatchback which, despite its fabled handling traits, has rather descended into the depths of obscurity in the 21st century. Even more so than the 309, it would appear, given the great condition of this car and the measly £795 asking price.

Just 25 others left in Grande Bretagne
Just 25 others left in Grande Bretagne
Even when it was launched, the BX didn't really look like anything else on the road; lots of slats and angles on a body that looks a little too big for the wheels. I'd love to see one parked next to a DS4. It's certainly distinctive though, and some new yellow foglamps would certainly add to the appeal.

A lot of the Citroen quirkiness was filtered out of the facelifted BX, introduced in 1986. This means all BX GTIs (launched soon after the facelift) lack the digital strip revcounter and satellite controls pods that characterised the early cars, but worry not; the single-spoke steering wheel and hydro-pneumatic suspension remained, allowing serenely smooth progress to be made however many of the 130hp you're using.

The subtle delights of velour
The subtle delights of velour
Obviously, technology such as the innovative suspension requires lots of money and expert attention to maintain. Fortunately, this car appears to have been treated well; the vendor has recently spent £600 on a service with cambelt and water pump change, plus an all-important suspension check-up. With an on-sale price of just £200 extra, either the owner is very generous or other issues may lurk ahead... Looking at the the rest of the car though, we may be able to take the generous view. The exterior appears rust-free, and the interior, with its oh-so-80s zig-zag upholstery, remains untarnished.

Like last week's Lancia Thema, a BX GTI 8v is far from common; says just 26 remain on British roads, many having succumbed to rust. Interestingly, the same number of the later 160hp 16v GTIs remain. Surely such a unique and characterful car deserves to be saved?

For the price of a sofa, you won't find a much more interesting or more underrated hot hatch. Even a 309 GTI isn't this cheap yet!

Original advert is reproduced below:

It's all about what lies beneath
It's all about what lies beneath
Citroen BX 1.9 GTI. 8v (£895)

This is a fantastic condition classic which has had £600 spent on it last month. Full service with cam belt and water pump change, suspension checkup by Chevronic. Also new front exhaust pipe and really good tyres as well. It has electric windows f/r, sunroof, power steering, 6 speaker cd/radio, central locking, rear blind, tow bar/electrics.The interior is first class with the addition of sports seats.Great comfort and handling. Cash on collection for this bargain.




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  • tinkertaylor 14 Sep 2012

    love it, my fav SOTW i think!

  • KDIcarmad 14 Sep 2012

    If the BX becomes collectible, it this one you want!

  • Trusty Steed 14 Sep 2012

    Nice veals init mate...

  • P-Jay 14 Sep 2012

    "For the price of a Sofa"

    Quite obviously never been furniture shopping with my OH...

  • Strawman 14 Sep 2012

    I'd like a mint 16v version please, didn't LJK Setright love these?

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