Speed Cameras Watch As Accidents Increase

Three speed cameras in Preston that pulled in £18,000-worth of fines in 2010 actually bore witness to an increase in the number of accidents since they were installed.

This revelation, uncovered by the Lancashire Evening Post following new government rules requiring speed camera statistics to be published, has already precipitated a review of speed camera sites in Lancashire.

The Association of British Drivers says the figures, released last week, do not prove that cameras are the key factor in reducing the number of accidents at camera sites, since the accident rate has fallen countrywide in recent years.

The ABD goes even further, calling for heads to roll on the subject: "Not only is it scandalous that cameras where casualties have increased have been kept in operation for many years, it is even more disturbing that the authorities have hidden this data and authorised continued operation whilst being in possession of this knowledge," says ABD chairman Brian Gregory. "The government should get a grip and insist that those responsible for such malpractice in all regions are removed from public service with immediate effect."


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  • Apache 26 Jul 2011

    I'm sure Vonhosen will have a suitable riposte

  • mybrainhurts 26 Jul 2011

    He'll blame global warming...

  • MarJay 26 Jul 2011

    I thought that they were going to say that accidents were up since the speed cameras were removed... turns out speed cameras cause accidents!

    Sounds like a Daily Mail headline doesn't it? "SPEED CAMERAS CAUSE CANCER!".

  • richb77 26 Jul 2011

    Judging by the amount of people i see slamming on the brakes (despite doing the limit or less) as they at the last minute see a camera, i am not surprised accidents are up.

    For a long time every one i know are positive they cause more accidents than prevent.

    Time to call them what they are. "Revenue generation cameras" NOT "Safety cameras"

  • frankthetank2 26 Jul 2011

    Gatso type speed cameras are surely on there way out because they have not been proven to significantly reduce road fatalities or serious injuries.

    To quote Clarkson "speed doesn't kill, suddenly becoming stationary is the real killer"

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