Subaru: Stripped-out BRZ heading for UK

If the prospect of a pared-down £16K GT 86 got you salivating, but frustrated you for not being UK-bound, Subaru might just have the answer: it's set to launch its own stripped-out version of the BRZ coupe.

Initially the BRZ will come in a full-spec version only, with 17-inch alloys, a torque-sensing LSD, front, side, curtain and knee airbags, MP3 connectivity, dual-zone climate control and LED daytime running lights.

Later on in the year, however, it will be joined by a 'lower-spec' model. Best of all, there'll be a third 'stripped-out' version that (and we quote Subaru here) promises to "be the perfect solution for those who wish to tune and fettle the BRZ to their own tastes, as well as track-day enthusiasts". An ideal basis for that Super GT BRZ replica then!

Subaru still hasn't revealed prices for the new car, but from the sound of things it seems as though they might be claiming the 'budget track weapon' ground from Toyota.

On a more pragmatic note, Subaru is also offering the BRZ with its 'Everything Taken Care of' (ETCo) package. This covers a whole host of after-sales stuff for the first three years, including dent and scratch repair, wheel repairs, a monthly wash and vac, a full annual valet, service collection and delivery, and even the car's first MOT.

Sounds almost as appealing as a 200hp, rear-drive, lightweight track car. Almost...

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  • Face Off 23 Feb 2012

    Stripped out BRZ for less? Yes please

  • Alex 23 Feb 2012

    Excellent decision by Subaru.

  • AlecG 23 Feb 2012

    Good move, surely Toyota will change their tune?

  • Panda Gunman 23 Feb 2012

    Here Subaru, take my money.

  • dublet 23 Feb 2012

    I presume this wouldn't cost less than the GT86, would it?

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