Subaru Teaser Hints At Geneva Coupe Concept...

Subaru is finally set to reveal its own take on the 'Toyobaru' at the Geneva show, the small coupe that's being jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru.

This is a 'teaser' image of the new Sports Car Architecture Concept, which reveals little other than the basic proportions and - erm - the fact that it has an engine in the front...

The new small Scooby concept is set to cut a pretty controversial figure, though: not only does it drop the traditional four-wheel-drive layout in favour of rear-wheel drive but it also channels power via a CVT transmission.

Subaru hasn't completely left tradition behind, however - powering the concept will be the latest 2.0-litre version of the classic four-cylinder boxer engine. Thank goodness for that...

As for more detail on what it will look like, we're still rather in the dark. Toyota is due to reveal a new version of its take on the concept (the FT-86) at the same show, but Subaru has thus far revealed nothing about how its version of the project will look, other than these sketches of a small Subaru coupe from autumn 2009. All we know is that the concept will point the way for Subaru's new design direction - but we'll have to wait until next week to find out exactly what that is.

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  • alexpa 23 Feb 2011

    Scooby dooby doo clap

  • jake15919 23 Feb 2011

    Judging by that back-of-a-napkin sketch it looks like not only will it impossible to tell which Aston is which Aston but also which Subaru is which Aston. There might be some confused copy being filed by hung over pressmen next week.

  • doogz 23 Feb 2011

    Glad it's 2WD.

    Expected it to be though.

  • Escort Si-130 23 Feb 2011

    where are you
    alexpa said:
    Scooby dooby doo clap

  • Riggers 23 Feb 2011

    hora said:
    alexpa said:
    Scooby dooby doo clap
    Like fk. It may not share any components but the new (current) Legacy estate looks just like a tarted up Avensis estate IMO.

    Selling your identity and soul to the King of bland.
    Forgive my denseness, but I don't see the connection? confused And anyway, when Toyota makes sports cars, they don't tend to be dull...

    See various MR2s, various Supras, 2000GTs and AE86 Corollas for details...

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