Supercars Galore: Wilton House Sunday Service

Stately home, not so stately cars...
Stately home, not so stately cars...
Last weekend saw perhaps the most blue-blooded PH Sunday Service yet as we joined up with over a hundred top-end supercars on show at Wilton House near Salisbury.

The event was held in aid of the Stars Appeal charity to help raise funds for a new children's ward at Salisbury Hospital. Almost every conceivable shade of supercar was there, from F40s and a Veyron to custom hot rods and a McLaren F1, attracting the biggest crowd that the Wiltshire stately home had ever seen.

The show at Wilton House took place from noon, but those lucky enough to own one of the supercars started out in convoy from London at the eye-wateringly early time of 6am, picking up more and more cars en route to Gurston down hill climb for a bacon roll and a quick blast up the course.

Ferrari, anyone?
Ferrari, anyone?
Team PH managed to tag along in a KTM X-Bow, Jaguar XFR and the UK's one and only brand new Corvette ZR1. You'll be able to read more about the 638bhp 'Vette on PH soon, but for now it will suffice to say the 6.2-litre supercharged V8 is more than up to the task of keeping up with the most exotic of supercars - even if it doesn't have quite the thoroughbred pedigree of some (if that's not mixing up breeding metaphors too much).

You can see pics and vids of both Gurston Down and the main event at Wilton House by following the links in blue, but in the meantime here is a selection taken by team PH's own fair hands for you to be getting on with.

A smile of pure fear after a run with Riggers
A smile of pure fear after a run with Riggers
Corvette waits for the fun to start
Corvette waits for the fun to start






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  • David87 10 Aug 2009

    That looks truly awesome - and for a good cause too. Wish I could have made it.

  • richie_mck 10 Aug 2009

    i have far too small a percentage of the worlds money, ill just keep playin the lottery.

  • BigI 10 Aug 2009

    Its enough to make you sick, unless you own one of those cars in which case you must be happy as larry (whoever larry is?)
    Me jealous! of course!!!!

  • Stig 10 Aug 2009

    UK's 'only ZR1?

    Except for this one then wink :

  • wilsop5 10 Aug 2009

    I went and thought the afternoon was really good. The cars were amazing both in the viewing area and in the car parks! I own a Marcos and have to say I was surprised that I didn't see another one anywhere. The closest we got was the Farbio.

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