Superformance Reveals New Chevy Grand Sport

2010 Superformance Grand Sport...
2010 Superformance Grand Sport...
American car builder/tuner Superformance is introducing a road-legal replica of the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport. Thanks to a licensing deal the company struck with GM earlier this year, the car will be made using the original Grand Sport's moulds, but with some thoroughly modern mechanicals.

Superformance is better known for its GT40 and Cobra 'replicars' but, considering its history, the Grand Sport seems an appropriate addition to the range.

The original 1963 Grand Sport was the secret pet project of the chief Corvette engineer at the time, Zora Arkus-Duntov, who was anxious to produce a competent answer to Ford's success with the Shelby Cobra. GM bosses soon cottoned on to the unofficial project, and canned the whole thing after just five Grand Sports had been completed.

... original 1963 Corvette Grand Sport
... original 1963 Corvette Grand Sport
One of the originals (chassis #002) recently went up for auction in the US, but failed to reach its reserve after bidding 'dried up' at $5 million USD(!). It is thought that all five Grand Sport's still survive today, whilst Duntov (who died in 1996) lives on in spirit in the Duntov Motor Company, Superformance's partners in the new Grand Sport project.

Capitalising on the renewed interest in this incredible rarity, Superformance has already produced a racing version of the Grand Sport that has apparently had some success in the US racing scene.

A road version of the Grand Sport will soon be available in roadster or coupe form, with an engine bay designed to accept 'almost any' of the current line-up of GM 'crate' engines. Even if 'replicars' aren't your thing, with GM's licensing, blessing and even original blueprints this one is rather special, and each car will be custom-built at Superformance's Southern-Californian plant. The new Grand Sport should hit the road in the US in mid-2010, but the order books are already open.

Below you can see a montage video of the original Grand Sport that was made for that unsuccessful auction in January, as well as Superformance's own promo video for its new replica (sadly lacking in moving shots!).

Superformance Grand Sport:

Original '63 Corvette Grand Sport:



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  • BoRED S2upid 12 Nov 2009

    Can't say im familiar with such a beast but the more different cars on the road the better in my book, new cars all look the same this should be encouraged.

  • RJDM3 12 Nov 2009

    Hate to be the picky one, but superformance dont make any cars, superformance is just the brand name they are sold under. Superformance is a californian company the retails and distributes the cars. The cars are manufactured by HiTech in south africa, the same guys that built the nobles of years past smile

  • jgt1972 12 Nov 2009

    Looks more like a boat.

  • evile 12 Nov 2009

    Actually, all of Hi-Tech's "vintage" component cars are sold under the Superformance banner in the US. They have dealers from coast to coast. Also, Hi-Tech builds the chassis' for Rossion Automotive. The Rossion Q1 is based on the Noble M400.

  • chevy-stu 12 Nov 2009

    Lovin it....

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