Switchover Bridge To Link China And Hong Kong

This rendering of a swoopy bridge is Dutch architectural firm NL Architects' proposal for part of a road connection between Hong Kong and mainland China.

It neatly solves the problem of switching from an area where motorists drive on the right (mainland China), to one where people drive on the left (Hong Kong), and could form part of the 50km link between Hong Kong, Macau and the mainland city of Zhuhai and which is due for completion by 2016.

The bridge switches drivers from one side of the road to the other via a neat double-helix switchover which takes one carriageway over the top of the other.

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  • soad 18 Jun 2010

    Looks impressive if a tad low - wouldn't like to be swept away. I'm sure they know what they're doing.

    Edited for spelling - missed out letter p in swept.

    Edited by soad on Friday 18th June 14:12

  • Jasper Gilder 18 Jun 2010

    Got excited by a Bridge?!!

    Try driving over the old Severn Crossing in a heavy crosswind, there's no crash barrier to speak of on the outside (although there is a service read a bit lower down) and it has always looked to me as though the chances of getting blown right off the damn thing are higher that they should be..

    Still it's so far down you'd have time to pen a note or make a call to the designer

  • Andrew[MG] 18 Jun 2010

    That looks like a damn fine bit of engineering they've got planned there!

    It just shows how dedicated the Chinese are to investing in infrastructure....they must have seen what damage it's done to the UK by not investing in roads or public transport when we had the chance.

  • galenthe2nd 18 Jun 2010

    Now thats engineering! Not everyday you see a "worlds first" in bridge building...

  • Chimaera001 18 Jun 2010


    It's real-life Scalextric - what's not to like?! driving

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