That's The Spray To Do It

Recently a bunch of PistonHeaders from Wales headed out to the Nurburgring - and found something rather interesting.

To their surprise someone had graffitied the tarmac (tut, tut) - now who could that have been?

Glad you enjoyed it chaps and can get out there again soon!

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  • jon- 18 Apr 2008

    A working picture would be just lovely.

  • MK4 Slowride 18 Apr 2008

    Such wanton vandelism hehe

    Surely it'll get to a point with all that paint that grip will be compromised?

  • Night Flier 18 Apr 2008

    "That's The Spray To Do It"

    Oh dear god.. hehe

  • flattotheboards 18 Apr 2008

    Not a bad effort thumbup

  • motormania 18 Apr 2008

    Maybe someone should write

    fk OFF to Mad Max Mosley smile

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