The Live Action Arena

The Live action Arena is the UK’s largest indoor racetrack and every year it undoubtedly provides one the highlights of the show.

Based in the largest hall of the NEC and seating 4700 racing fans, the Live Action Arena is a unique experience. With walls and ceiling keeping all those wonderful sounds and smells close-by, it’s an intense hour that can really only be described accurately as “petrolhead heaven”, offering an unrivalled variety of racing machine action, record-breaking stunts and celebrity appearances, each with its own unique appeal.

From single-seaters, historic saloons, rallycross supercars and drift cars to the very latest GT coupes and full-on oval races, the show was 100 per cent excitement and entertainment from start to finish.

Today’s rising motorsport talent will be present to bring you out of the closed-season blues, with the 2012 McLaren Autosport BRDC Award finalists taking to the circuit! Plus Look out for Guinness World Record Holder and stuntman extraordinaire Terry Grant as he demonstrates the ultimate in car control. and watch jaw-dropping drifting demonstrations from 2012 Maxxis British Drift Constructors’ Champions Team Japspeed.

Porsche Boxters, Supermoto Quads, Autograss Class 8 and BriSCA F1 Stock Cars will also whiz around the arena to delight race fans.

More information to be confirmed soon


Saturday 12th January Sunday 13th January
9:30 9:30
11:00 11:00
12:30 12:30
14:00 14:00
15:30 15:30
18:00 (Oval Racing)* 16:45 (Oval Racing)*

* Please note the last sessions of each day are dedicated Oval Racing performances so will not contain some of the elements of the previous performances