The Rover V8 will burble again

V8 nestling in a TVR engine bay
V8 nestling in a TVR engine bay
The Rover V8 is dead -- long live the Rover V8!

Despite reports of its imminent death, the famous V8, used in many Solihull-built Land Rover products, is alive and burbling and in production in the UK. MCT, the West Country based engineering and manufacturing specialist, has won a contract from Land Rover for the continuation of production to support the aftermarket requirement for original equipment engines.

Production has been relocated from the home of Land Rover at Solihull to MCT’s plant in Weston-super-Mare. MCT will also handle sourcing and procurement of components and sub-assemblies, as well as testing and supply of the finished product.

For over 40 years this famous V8 engine, with displacements from 3.5 to 4.6, has powered the cream of British marques including Land Rover Defender, Discovery and Range Rover, Rover P5B, P6 and SD1, MGB GT, Triumph, Morgan and TVR. It is also the standard British engine for all hot rod use and special versions powered the Formula 1 winning Brabham team. It’s not surprising therefore that in 2005 Engine Technology International magazine and journalist Keith Read voted it β€œ the greatest engine of all time”.

MCT's customers include Ford, Land Rover, GM, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Subaru, Caterham and LDV.

MD Peter Roberts said: β€œWe are delighted to have been selected by Land Rover Ltd against strong global competition. This shows that small and medium British manufacturing and engineering companies can compete for high-end added value projects because of our high quality skills, flexible manufacturing environment and know how. Focussing in these areas will ensure that the UK can consolidate and focus its manufacturing sector and achieve greater success.”

TVR SV8, Chimaera and Griff owners can breathe sighs of relief...

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  • big-ashy 22 Feb 2006

    Strange "Griff Engine Bay" looks nothing like mine, have I been done??

  • ']['![]V[] W 22 Feb 2006

    Ted, its a 'S' Engine bay

  • piper 22 Feb 2006

    The RV8 was indeed a truly fabulous engine, quite unique at the time with its all alloy construction. Its lightness combined with no OHC which enabled it to be mounted lower in the chassis and reduce C of G forces, it lent its self very well to specialist car manufacturers; TVR, Marcos, Westfield etc. The picture by the way shows a V8S engine bay and not a Griffith.

  • mybrainhurts 22 Feb 2006

    It's not a Mini either. You can tell because it's not tranverse....

  • lazyitus 22 Feb 2006

    The article said:
    For over 40 years this famous V8 engine, with displacements from 3.5 to 4.6

    I thought that my Griffith 500 5.0ltr was a Rover V8. Have I been mislead and its actually a 2.0ltr Pinto or something else?

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