The six coolest police cars

Flashing blue lights are rarely a good sign, especially when those lights are fitted to machines as powerful as the ones we have here. With the unfavourable results of attempting to outrun the UK's measly diesel BMWs plain to see on any given episode of Traffic Cops, we'd imagine the mere sight of any of this lot would be motivation enough to give up the chase. Let us know your favourite, and if you think we've missed any out, in the comments below!

Porsche 911 Targa - Rijkspolitie
In the early 60s, the favoured car for the Netherlands police force was the Porsche 356 cabriolet. Of course. So when the 911 Targa was revealed in 1967 it was only natural that the force upgrade its fleet with over 500 examples of the model. Remaining in active duty till 1996, the odd choice of a Targa has never been replicated by a traffic police force anywhere else in the world.

Ford F-150 Police Responder - Sheriff's Department
With the slogans "Goes anywhere a perp can" and "On duty. Even off-road" Ford wasn't messing around when it revealed the F-150 police responder this year. Powered by a 3.5-litre EcoBoost engine, putting out 375hp and 470lb ft, there are few terrains you'd be able to outrun it over. Being American, Ford's mention of it having the largest interior passenger volume of any pursuit-rated police vehicle is normal. How many cup holders does it have though?

Lamborghini Huracan - Polizia di Stato
If being a police officer is your calling, but you're unwilling to make any sacrifices when it comes to style, then Italy is the place for you. Not only has Giorgio Armani been known to design uniforms for the country's police force, but Lamborghini has previously donated not one but two supercars to the Polizia's fleet. A Gallardo, first used in 2009 for organ transfers and blood supplies, met an unseemly demise in an accident so nowadays a Lamborghini Huracan has taken its place, for use in cases of excessive speeding. Probably to urge them to go faster.

Honda NSX - Japan
Japan has had strict policies against excessive speed in the past, with manufacturers agreeing once upon a time not to tune cars beyond 280hp out of the factory and 180km/h speed limiters still in place. But that didn't stop cars being over-engineered to a point where a little tinkering could unleash a lot more horsepower... Hence the acquisition of this Honda NSX, used for highway patrol in the Tochigi Prefecture in the hope of stopping racers and drift kings alike.

Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R - Japan
Another police car from the Japanese fleet, Godzilla itself! There has always been mention of the GT-R with sightings becoming the stuff of legend, and a couple of websites in the US revealing that it may still be in use. Far from being merely for show, this video even shows it in pursuit.

Dubai Police Force
Where supercars are common occurrences, police cars ought to be able to keep up, which is what makes it so hard to pick one car to make the list from this lot. Anybody would be ecstatic to have any of them in their garage - Bugatti Veyron, Aston Martin One-77, Ferrari FF, McLaren 12C, Bentley Continental, BMW i8, Lamborghini Aventador, Mercedes SLS, Audi R8 V10, Nissan GT-R, Mercedes-AMG G63 and Porsche Panameras. Unfortunately though, you're unlikely to ever see this super fleet flying down roads in hot pursuit. Their purpose simply being to break down barriers between the police and the public.

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  • Turbobanana 16 Aug 2017

    I remember going on a school trip to The Netherlands in about 1982 and seeing the Rijkspolitie in their 911 Targas.

    They all looked a bit miserable - it was raining and they didn't have the roof panels in place. Quite a spectacle for a bunch of 12 year olds to see though, bearing in mind the most exciting Traffic Car in the UK was probably still a Rover SD1.

  • grumpy52 16 Aug 2017

    Talking to a Met Traf Pol one night outside a job in Kingston on Thames , he was sat in a Sierra with no badges on it , drain pipe exhaust and it was just burbling on tick over , all lights and stipes .
    What model is it ? I ask .
    It's a new one he says , it's a turbo nutter bast#rd!
    Within seconds he gets a call and takes off like a stabbed rat .

  • foxbody-87 16 Aug 2017

    I always thought the unmarked Crown Vic looked pretty cool, the kind of car someone gets bundled into by two men wearing sunglasses and black suits:

  • ChilliWhizz 16 Aug 2017

    When I was a youngster I spotted one of these...

    Although it was a white one...

    That was in the '60's

    I've loved the SP250/Dart ever since...

  • David87 16 Aug 2017

    The F-150 is awesome. I'd take that one, please. biggrin

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