The Toyota GR Supra modifying begins!

Previewed by Toyota last week, the wraps have now come off its first effort at tinkering with the GR Supra. Never going to take long, was it? Snappily titled the 'Performance Line Concept TRD', the car is described by Toyota as "a high-performance car telling a new start." Or rather, that's what Google Translate has it down as.

With no changes to the powertrain, TRD's focus has been on the body and chassis. Carbon is used for the new spats, spoilers and skirts - all said to improve stability and downforce, and easily identifiable here against the grey paint. See also the new forged aluminium 19-inch wheels; given Toyota claims their fitment improves both steering response and stability, we'd wager that they've reduced the unsprung mass to some extent.

'Carbon door garnish' aside, we'd say it's a pretty successful overhaul, injecting some more attitude into the Supra shape without going entirely over the top - no doubt that will follow in time, either from Toyota or another source.

In fact, the bottom of Toyota's fascinating page on the Performance Line Concept TRD says 'To Be Continued', implying this is just the start as far as Supra modifying goes. Excellent news. What would you like to see next?

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  • fernando the frog 11 Feb 2019

    looks even worse lol

  • Nerdherder 11 Feb 2019

    First ones to come out with a front bumper + headlights conversion that look pleasing will have a winner on their hands. laugh

  • MX6 11 Feb 2019

    Overall I quite like the shape and design of this new Supra, even though it does appear overly fussy in various areas. I'm not against some extra aero and whatnot to add some aggression, but I don't think these TRD additions are all that successful.

    The door infill trim is an unseemly appendage, it's probably functional given that the vent in the door is fake as it goes nowhere and probably disrupts airflow, but it's not very attractive to my eye. Would be better if it were body colour I think.

    The wheels are okay, I do like black wheels but not really a fan of the those with lots of spokes. The rear spoiler is okay but again I think body colour would make it look a bit more seemless. Quite like the splitters/skirts.

    Edited by MX6 on Monday 11th February 16:14

  • PhantomPH 11 Feb 2019

    With the exception of the door efforts, I much prefer that to the standard car.

  • amgmcqueen 11 Feb 2019

    The words polish and turd spring to mind.

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