Time for ... coffee? Round-the-world G-Wagen

These days we're meant to call the Mercedes Gelandewagen the G-Class, not G-Wagen. Which is fine for the Russian mobsters and Hollywood celebs to whom we owe the vehicle's continued existence.

Somehow we doubt German adventurer Gunther Holtorf knows what a G-Class is. Because his car - nicknamed Otto - is most definitely a proper G-Wagen, without a hint of AMG bling or any other such nonsense!

Somehow achieved without a 500hp V8!
Somehow achieved without a 500hp V8!
A super-cool narrated slideshow of highlights from his now 23-year, half-million mile adventure in Otto - started with his wife at the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 - has been put up on the BBC website and was brought to our attention yesterday as a possible Time For Tea? candidate. We already had something lined up with the Wilton House promo but it's too good to wait until the afternoon so we'll bend the format slightly and run it as Time For Tea?'s hastily contrived morning equivalent - Time For Coffee? - instead!

So, you know what to do. Here's five minutes of inspirational words and imagery - the perfect accompaniment to your mid-morning caffeine hit!

(Pics by David Lemke, via the BBC)

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  • arkenphel 25 Jul 2012

    Awesome!!!! How do they sustain that lifestyle? I wish I could do that!

  • SirSamuelBuca 25 Jul 2012

    its a great tale. A shame about his wife but good on him for carrying on!

  • sinbaddio 25 Jul 2012

    Truly inspirational!

  • ramz 25 Jul 2012

    This guy has lived my dream, what an absolute legend. He must be one of the most travelled people on the planet and yet he did it without any publicity, no twitter, facebook or blog tracking his daily progress...

    I wonder how they managed to do it financially?

  • RevoHJC 25 Jul 2012

    Wish I had the money to just drive around doing jack st for 25 years. Jesus fk.

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