Time for Tea? Car vs bike drift battle

Today's TfT has been around for quite a while but, having followed the YouTube link sent to us by PHer jdizl, we were reminded how mesmeric the car-vs-bike drift antics of Team Icon are.

We also particularly enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek production, following the work of a fake cop (motto: to swerve and protect) with a drift-spec Mustang as he chases a pair of drifting bikers around the rather fun-looking Oregon Raceway Park.

"Have you ever seen the movie Die Hard?" He says at the end, having finally 'caught' the drifting Team Icon bikers. "Pretty much every day of my life is like that..."

All good fun, though if you stick around until 8mins 03sec you'll see the shoot didn't pass without incident - Officer Dan misjudging a corner in his own 240SX drift car post-filming and taking quite a hit as a result...


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  • Sivraj 21 May 2012

    Hahahaha, Loved that!
    First time I've seen road bikes drifted like that! (are those speed triples?).
    Looks like a lot of fun!....

  • AbarthChris 21 May 2012

    That is properly brilliant!

  • bob1179 21 May 2012

    Nice, I enjoyed that.

    Good to see some Trumpety goodness being used too.


  • Garlick 21 May 2012

    Love the soundtrack to this video, looked p the artist and it's really heavy stuff.

    Oh and 'how fast can you go in that thing?'....'as fast as I want' hehe

  • soad 21 May 2012

    To swerve and protect. hehe

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