Time For Tea? If you want it with buns...

Now, onboard car videos are an online stock in trade. And the promise of the same from a World Superbike ridden by Jonathan Rea around Phillip Island to celebrate this weekend's opening round of the 2013 championship should promise much.

And it perhaps would've done, were it not for the camera angle chosen. Which gives a very good view of Rea's sponsors' logos and ... erm ... Rea's rear. Not to put too fine a point on it. It is safe for work, but you may want to have a think about how you're going to explain watching a close-up video of a man's leather-clad behind jiggling about.

Er, yes.

Once over the initial shock factor, it does go to show quite how involved riding a Superbike at race speeds really is. We car drivers may allude to sports cars making it feel like our backside is just millimetres off the road. But Rea's actually is. Amazing stuff.

Maybe bolt the camera somewhere else for the next one though guys...



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  • desmos 22 Feb 2013

    Imagine doing that with a broken ankle!- just as Mr Crutchlow did at Silverstone finishing 6th!!!

  • scottishlion 22 Feb 2013

    So much power through such small contact patch! I ride bikes quite quickly, but I can't see myself ever having the balls to do that.

  • muon 22 Feb 2013

    When you see guys riding like that (albeit on track) it definitely makes you think how much your bike is just arse jewellery! Then you have guys wanting to go from 600/750 up to 1000's 'cos they've 'outgrown' their little 6's haha.

  • MrKipling43 22 Feb 2013

    1000s are better for road riding. Less maniacal.

  • Si_man306 22 Feb 2013

    Amazing, wish I rode bikes...just the loss of important bits of me that's worrying!

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