Time For Tea: Mini does a backflip

It’s no secret that we aren’t enormous fans of Mini’s Countryman here at PH. But despite being performed in such a vehicle – or, to be fair, a heavily modified version thereof – this latest automotive feat, performed as a fairly shouty publicity stunt by Mini, was impressive enough to warrant our attention.

It’s a video that’s just been released of Frenchman Guerlain Chicherit performing the world’s first backflip in a car. Set in Tignes, Chicherit uses the Mini All4 Racing – the same vehicle that took back-to-back Dakar Rally titles in 2012 and 2013 – to perform a full backflip, complete with a successful landing on a snow-built ramp. Although others have attempted the feat in the past, this is the first time it’s been achieved fully, and what’s all the more impressive is that it was done without any boosting from special moving parts on the take-off ramp.

Unashamed publicity stunt it may be – but that doesn’t detract from the spectacle of this video. Enjoy!


P.H. O'meter

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  • dave stew 18 Feb 2013

    Impressive! More to the point is the ongoing march of Monster energy drinks - looks like they want to be the next Red Bull and some.

  • Beefmeister 18 Feb 2013

    Very impressive, but what happened to them doing this in the dock setting?


    Edited by Beefmeister on Monday 18th February 16:16

  • suffolk009 18 Feb 2013

    That's not quite a standard mini, is it?

  • Turbocharger 18 Feb 2013

    Ignoring the Mini PR for a moment, that's a very difficult stunt technically. As soon as the front axle leaves the ramp the rear suspension tries to unload which rotates the car nose-downward. To keep it turning backward needs a big rate of rotation on the ramp (which is very curved: check) and a very stiff rear spring rate (probably, hard to tell from the vid).

    This is why most cars land nose-first when you jump them - though I've often wondered why Volvo engineered Mrs T's S40 to land tail-first.

  • M@1975 18 Feb 2013

    Very impressive, was doing the rounds yesterday, Monster are definitely spending the bucks on getting the brand recognised!

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