Time For Tea? Reverse-Gear Racing

Question: What's weirder than racing a bunch of old Dafs? How about racing a bunch of old Dafs (and various other cars) backwards (possibly due to the CVT transmission)?

And if that's not odd enough for you, there's a bit of caravan slalom racing and two-wheeled, er, we don't know what exactly, to be honest.

Those Dutch people are crazy, eh...? For sure... (You're fired for gross stereotyping - Ed.)


P.H. O'meter

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  • thewheelman 29 Sep 2011

    This is what happens when a group of mates have a schmoke & a pancake, then decide to going racing right after. Brilliant!

  • rtz62 29 Sep 2011

    The crazy, crazy dutch!

    Whats not to like, especially from a nation famous for wearing wooden shoes, making cheese with great big holes in it, singing about mice living in windmills in Old Amsterdam (actually there is only one working windmill in Amsterdam!, having the second greatest football team never to win the World Cup, in 1974/78) and making cake with strange weeds in it!

  • vdubbin 29 Sep 2011

    When did Gareth Jones start commentating on Dutch TV?

  • FourWheelDrift 29 Sep 2011

    Fantastic madness biggrin

    They used to show this kind of thing in ITV's World of Sport, along with other brilliant racing series. They showed Bathurst, Indy 500, Lorry racing on ovals as well. Much better than boring Football, Rugby and Horse racing on Grandstand.

  • Liquid Knight 29 Sep 2011

    Finally a motorsport where the Allegro would have the advantage. ;-)

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