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Time For Tea? San Francisco Skyline

(Yet) more retro Nissan goodness from our friends at Petrolicious

By Dan Trent / Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You know the score with these videos from across the pond now; beautiful photography, some slightly over-earnest discussion of emotional bonding with cars and a bit of moody, reflective music in the background.

This latest instalment from Depth Of Speed/Petrolicious man Josh Clason returns to a subject matter he's touched on before - namely old-school Nissan Skylines - and is a welcome education on the subject given that on this side of the pond anything pre-R32 is generally little-known. As mentioned in the video, American servicemen based in Japan back in the day grew to know and love the GT-R, explaining the Stateside awareness while we Europeans remained ignorant. Until Nissan started chasing 'ring laps later in the GT-R's life.

The weather wasn't on their side for the shoot but you still get an impression for how cool the cars are and how amazing they sound. Not quite as amazing as the Hakosuka GT-R we Time For Tea'd a little while back but still pretty special. And if you're in the mood for a bit more classic GT-R indulgence this story on Speedhunters has a beautiful selection of pics too.


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